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ICOHIGH is a catalog of the most promising ICO projects. Our goal is to find promising initial coin offers (ICO) for cryptoinvestors and distribute them into appropriate sections. We are not connected in any way with ICO projects. The content presented on our website is for informational purposes only. Our ICO rating is not an investment or financial advice.
- ACTIVE ICOs - projects that are currently taking investment.
- UPCOMING ICOs - projects that are preparing for the beginning of the initial coin offer (ICO). In this section, you can begin to study projects and make decisions in which of them to make investments.
- ENDED ICOs - projects that have completed their initial coin offers (ICO).
- AIRDROPS - projects that give out their coins for free to perform certain simple tasks, such as joining groups of telegram, twitter, etc.
- WHITELIST - list of projects in which (open, closed or will soon open) registration in the whitelist, as well as information about what needs to be done for this.
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E-MAIL - on all matters including advertising and cooperation.
TELEGRAM - News channel.
TELEGRAM EN - English community chat.
TELEGRAM RU - Russian community chat.
TWITTER - Announcement channel.
If your initial coin offer (ICO) is not available on our website, you can fill out a form. We will review and add your ICO to the site (SUBMIT ICO). Sending an ICO for review at does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your application for review.
We are a developing project. And any material support for us is very important now. If you have a desire or you really liked our project, we will be grateful for any monetary support from you.
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